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Drug interactions

Different formulations difference between diltiazem cd and er diltiazem slow heart rate diltiazem alcohol diltiazem and brands of diltiazem can act in a slightly different way in your body .
Because of this, it is important diltiazem medicine diltiazem vs metoprolol cartia xt diltiazem diltiazem and alcohol diltiazem 25 mg that you continue to take the same type of tablet or capsule as you have had before .
So, each time you collect a prescription, check to make sure your diltiazem supply looks the same and that the brand name is the same .
If you are unsure, or if have any questions diltiazem 24hr diltiazem dosage what is diltiazem er diltiazem 24hr er 240 mg cap side effects about your prescription, please ask your pharmacist to check it for you .
If you have diabetes you may need to check your blood diltiazem ointment brand name verapamil and diltiazem diltiazem 100 mg diltiazem hcl injection sugar (glucose) level more often .
This is because diltiazem what is diltiazem taken for high blood pressure medication diltiazem how long does it take for may raise your glucose levels .
Ask your doctor diltiazem or pharmacist for advice .
Before you buy any medicines or diltiazem hcl cd 120 mg diltiazem 24hr er diltiazem cd 120 mg capsule diltiazem 24hr er 180 mg take any 'over-the-counter' remedies, please check with a pharmacist that they are suitable for you to take .
This is because diltiazem some medicines can interact with diltiazem .
Drinking grapefruit juice may affect the amount of diltiazem in your blood and can make you more diltiazem likely to experience side-effects .
Let your doctor or pharmacist know if diltiazem you enjoy drinking grapefruit juice and wish to continue .
If you need to have an operation or any medical treatment, always tell the person carrying out the treatment diltiazem which medicines you are taking .
Diltiazem may diltiazem interfere with the way some anaesthetics work .

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